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We’re building the future of VR gaming

Like many of our generation we grew up inspired by computer games and the engrossing worlds that captured our imaginations. The combination of absorbing narrative, engaging gameplay and rewarding progression kept us, along with millions of other players, coming back for more.

We’ve always dreamed of stepping inside these worlds and not just experiencing them through screens and controllers. VR can put your eyes and ears into new places, but physically interacting with the world in any meaningful way is just not possible. Nothing exists that lives up to our dream of feeling like we are really there.

So, in May ‘21, we founded Light Garden to turn these dreams into reality.

Our platform

Our Existent Platform brings unbroken presence to VR

Presence: A full, uninterrupted sense of being somewhere else. Whereby all sensory, cognitive and psychological input is perfectly synchronised with your active and reactive expectations.

We’re building a platform that represents the next step in the evolution of the virtual reality sector. By orchestrating all somatic, cerebral and subconscious stimuli into a coherent whole our groundbreaking platform enables you to travel beyond mere immersion to achieving and maintaining the VR holy grail: an uninterrupted sense of presence.

No controllers. No tutorials. Just being there.

Who we are

The only way to realise this dream is with our co-founders’ unique combination of technology, gaming and live performance experience.

  • Dan Webb

    Chief Executive Officer

    Veteran software engineer with 10 years in leadership roles. Former VP Engineering at Deliveroo, engineering site lead at Twitter and engineering manager at Facebook Reality Labs.

    Scaled the Deliveroo eng team from 12 to ~230, enabling the AI transformation of the company's systems. More recently supported the deployment of FRL's first automated integrity systems for XR content.


  • Joe Mckernan

    Chief Design Officer

    Artist and designer on some of the world’s most critically acclaimed AAA action games for Sony and Microsoft.

    Worked on high profile IPs such as Destiny and Killzone and launched hit new game series Forza Horizon and Horizon Zero Dawn.

    Most recently led art, design features and franchise branding on Fable.


  • Andy Brunskill

    Chief Creative Officer

    Director, writer and practitioner for theatre, tv and events with a career spanning over 13 years.

    Created the puppetry for Coldplay’s “Daddy” music video, global advertising campaigns and large scale parades and events.

    Former Associate Director of international smash hit “War Horse” in the West End.


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